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Asia Co. has Jointed with various , companies in recent years in order to
supply the engineering , equipment and construction demands of oil , gas and
petrochemical industries.
Asia Co. is representative of "QUIFER ACTUATORS , S.L. "

 WebSite  www.QuiferActuators.Com

Quifer Actuators has a big experience manufacturing, rack and pinion aluminum pneumatic actuators, rotatory ductile Iron pneumatic actuators, scotch yoke pneumatic actuators, scotch yoke hydraulic actuators, electro-hydraulics actuators, manual gearboxes, declutch-able gearboxes limit switches, couplings and accessories for any a quarter turn valves as plug valves, ball vales or butterfly valves.

The factory of Quifer Actuators is prepared to have a important flexibility that allow manufacture big orders and small orders. The flexibility that Quifer have allow that one of the strengths of Quifer be the delivery time.

Quifer Actuators has a design department technician with extensive experience and has over 30 years creating its own products and evolving existing products.

  • Quifer, pneumatics actuators are manufacture in 14 different sizes, in both double acting and spring return types.
  • Quifer, rack and pinion pneumatic actuators double acting with torque figures up to 7481 Nm, rack and pinion single acting pneumatic actuators with torque figures up to 2842 Nm.
  • Quifer Actuator have a important range of Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuators, with torque figures up to 35.000Nm in Double Acting and with over 10.000Nm in Spring Return.


Asia Co. has cooperation with "RENHE GRUOP "

 WebSite  www.RenheSun.Com

RENHE GROUP LIMITED:  Wireline Logging, LWD equipment manufacturer and service provider.Also provide Logging Interpretation & Software Development, Digital Oil/Gas Field, Digital Pipeline, Digital Plant, etc.

TEAM:Our engineers  have more than 20 years experiences.Our team is professional and efficient to our customers in logging and drilling services.

Provide products :
π  Logging System;
π Data Acquisition Logging System (DAS);
π Sampling & Testing System (STS);
π LWD/ MWD System;
π Production Logging System (PLS);
π Vertical Seismic Profile System (VSP) ;
Alpha Software;
Auxiliary Logging Equipment (ALE);

Provide Services:
Openhole Wireline Logging;
Cased Hole Wireline Logging;
Sampling & Testing;
MWD/LWD Services;
Well Engineering;
Logging Interpretation & Software Development;
Digital Oil/Gas Field, Digital Pipeline, Digital Plant;
Trading, etc.

The main jointed and related companies are as follows :

Kitro corporation (Canada)
Godazesh Co.(Iran)







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